1. Decorative concrete finishes & concrete restoration Residential exterior & interior
    1. Concrete restoration and decorative overlay can transform the interior and exterior of your home or business from your existing concrete surfaces (plain looking, pitted, damaged) into a very usable and aesthetically appealing living space. With available customizable color choices, designs, patterns and texture style options you can make your concrete restoration project look better than new, elegant and uniquely tailored specifically to your living style.
    1. If you have had a basement flood you know that carpeting and tile won’t hold up. With a seamless resinous epoxy coating or cementitious overlay the cleanup is simple and without the mess associated with wet carpets or loose tiles.
    2. Decorative concrete resurfacings are a great maintenance free choice, to blend old concrete with new, blend with existing landscape or colors and is less expensive and easier than tearing out and replacing old concrete.
    3. Although some flooring is better suited for interior than exterior- choices for flooring include::
      1. Thin Stamped
      2. Slate Trowel Texture
      3. Splatter/Spray Texture
      4. REFLECTOR™ Enhancer
      5. Epoxy Flake or Quartz Coating#1 elite crete  stamped
  2. Industrial & commercial
    1. Some keys to any industrial or commercial resinous coating application and installation include a professional installation backed up by quality products. At Elite Crete quality products begin with a strong R/D team and in house chemist that monitor the chemical composition of the propriety resinous epoxies and testing new products to meet stringent requirements of the industry before they are manufactured at our HQ in Northern Indiana
    2. Seamless, Customized, Commercial Concrete Flooring for
      1. Hospitality
      2. Medical
      3. Educational
      4. Showrooms
      5. And More
    3. Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings are
        1. High Performance
        2. Abrasion & Chemical Resistant
        3. Impact Resistant
        4. Low Maintenance
          IND-303 IND-304 IND-305 IND-306
  3. Thin stamped overlay
    1. Thin stamped overlays are ideal for interior and exterior spaces where a textured finish resembling natural material is desired
    2. Applied to stable concrete surfaces this overlay application is a less expensive alternative to real stone, brick or tile and removes the cost and hassle of tearing out or replacing the existing concrete while creating a traditional decorative stamped look
    3. Becoming a popular application in the residential and commercial decorative concrete market is a thin stamped overlay that will offer an authentic and natural custom look and feel of stone, slate, brick, tile or even wood. when resurfacing concrete the application is accomplished by applying 3/16” to 5/8” thick material then the imprinted or stamped pattern of choice is done into the freshly placed material#3 elite crete-thin stamped
  4. Slate trowel texture
    1. This may be the most popular texture application of all the overlay systems. With its unique texturing and layering look, versatility, customization to coloring and design detail it offers a variety of looks and feel dependent on customer preferences and troweling methods
    2. After the base coat is applied we hand trowel the finish to perfect the look desired. With swirling effects for example the texturing technique provides high and low areas on the concrete surface which will affect how colors are accepted into the pattern providing a unique and beautiful look.
    3. Suitable for interior and exterior residential and commercial applications#4 elite crete slate trowel texture
  5. Splatter texture
    1. This functional concrete resurfacing system provides a uniquely textured and slip resistant finish. This non-slip texture is applied using a hopper spray gun to splatter the finish coat with color or colors of choice
    2. To create a unique texture finish we use these methods:
      1. Splatter or spray texture
      2. Knock down or spray texture that is then slightly troweled down to a lesser texture
    3. Although this texture method may be used in many areas this unique texture finish is very appealing to wet areas such as pool decks, showers and locker rooms.#5 elite crete-splatter texture
  1. Acid staining
    1. Acid staining creates a natural mottling and marbling effect by means of a chemical reaction with the lime found in concrete or in an overlay product that has been applied over the original concrete surface. This reactive acid stain is a permanent coloring into the concrete that penetrates the concrete surface and will not fade or peel.
    2. Acid staining needs a chemical reaction to create vivid patterns but older concrete surfaces may not be suitable due to blemishes on the surface that you may want to hide. The bare concrete surface may have blemishes on the surface and the acid stain will in effect highlight those blemishes. These blemishes, however, may offer a unique look that is appealing in the end results. If you want a clean surface to work from the decorative overlay would be the first approach and can be applied before an acid stain is applied.
    3. Elegant and long lasting floors for interior or exterior applications with appearances dependent on several factors including dilution rate of the acid stain, number of applications made, methods of application and protective sealer applied#6 elite crete-concrete staining Golden-Wheat