Shower FX Resurfacing

Tired of old porcelain tile and cleaning grout… We were too!

Granicrete’s Shower FX System frees you from the grueling upkeep that comes with fiberglass, plastics, porcelains and failed grout. With our system, replacing may be avoided. If your shower is beyond being resurface, then our Independent Certified Shower FX Installer can do the full replacement. Using similar processes to our flooring system and a specialized sealer that is anti soap scum and mildew resistant.

The high-end look for stone, travertine, flagstone, and slate are commonly asked for as well as a growing number of requests for granite. As with the Alternative Flooring System, we can even provide the look for wood flooring and barn-wood planks.
All of our work is done freehand using a trowel as well as being hand colored. Therefore, your work is custom. As for tile patterns and tile size, simply ask us for your most desired.

All systems are available for residential and commercial purposes!