Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using Granicrete vs. other countertop materials on the market?

All of our counters are seamless, durable, lightweight, and repairable and the color will never wear off. They are also a fraction of the cost of Granite or other stone and other solid surfaces such as Corian. Our work is customized so you can choose from many possible edging and colors.

Are Granicrete counters heavy since they are made of Concrete?

Although our counters do contain thin, durable and lightweight layers of concrete, there are other materials used as well. There is no need to reinforce your floors or cabinets to accommodate heavy counters.

The weight of our countertops are comparable to Formica counters with the concrete we use has slightly flexural strength to it, which means it will move and flex slightly without cracking, as opposed to traditional concrete and other material types.

Can my existing countertop be resurfaced or will it have to be built from scratch?

We can build countertops for new construction or just resurface your existing surfaces. We may however; just need to rebuild part of your countertop for a new undermount sink fit or if there is damage around your current sink due to moisture problems. 

Are the Granicrete countertops suitable for commerical kitchen use?

Absolutely!  Granicrete’s Crystal Top Epoxy has been USDA approved as a sealer and top coat for countertops.  Also, Crystal Top Epoxy will stand up to rigorous cleaning and dampness and is grease and acid resistant. Granicrete is not porous and will not hold germs.

Research has shown real Granite to outgas Radon at unhealthy levels…Has Granicrete been tested for outgassing of any type of chemicals?

Yes, there has been extensive testing on Granicrete and all testing performed shows it is impervious to moisture and contains no known carcinogens, mutagens or tetragens classified as hazardous substances. This is not a pesticide nor does it have any known pesticide characteristics.