Granicrete Countertop Overlay System

Our custom tailored countertops utilize resurfacing products over your existing surfaces. With thin, durable lightweight layers of specialized high strength grout mix it provides a hard and durable countertop surface overlay making this a very eco-friendly product.

These seamless countertops will bring a fresh upscale look to you room at a fraction of the cost of other stone, granite and marble with the added benefit of being bacteria, scratch, stain and heat resistant.

We can develop your design with dozens of color/texture options and various edge choices for you to consider.


Countertop Before Granicrete

Countertop After Granicrete

Custom Coloring

  • Warm versus cool color palates to bring out your perfect colors.
  • Sparkle of stone and other special effects can be added.
  • Choose a single color, multicolor and desired depth of color and shading.


Custom Texturing

  • Clean and smooth for effects of marble and granite
  • Stone with slight variations in textures
  • Rocky look with more depth & grooves with a very 3 dimensional look
  • Texture adds depth and color variations for added beauty

Custom Looks

  • High-end tall back splashes
  • Chiseled look edges at a fraction of the cost of granite
  • Rope, bullnose, chiseled, straight, ogee, bevel just about any profile imaginable
  • Inno-Edge Custom Countertop Edges

  •  Add edge looks



Granicrete Kitchen Countertop





Don't Throw Out, Resurface!

Project Ideas
  • Bar Stool Tops to match Countertops
  • Desk Tops
  • Indoor Table Tops
  • Headboards
  • Footboards
  • Mantels
  • Bath Countertops
  • Lazy Susans
  • Garage Sale Tables
  • End Tables
  • and much more…



Table Top Before

Table Top After

Front Porch Before

Front Porch after Granicree

Wide Table Before

Wide Table after Granicrete

Countertop Before Granicrete

Countertop After Granicrete

All systems are available for residential and commercial purposes!