Interior Wall Finishes

Get a new look in your bathroom shower and get away from the fiberglass or porcelain tiles and dirty grout look with Granicrete’s shower FX system. Resurface may be an option on some surfaces but we also do a full replacement option when necessary. We use a similar process to the flooring system with specialized sealers. Our customized work is freehand and hand colored will bring a fresh and upscale look to any surface.

Creating a new look for your interior walls can be accomplished utilizing Granicretes versatile texture blends and techniques. New looks can not only be added around your shower in the shower FX system but stone or marble looks can be created around bath tubs, fireplaces or other interior walls-wherever your imagination can take you. The technique adds the look you want without the weight and therefore without the need for additional structural or foundational support.



Granicrete Shower Wall Overlayment


Granicrete Bathroom Wall Resurfacing


All systems are available for residential and commercial purposes!