Remodel, Restore, and Renovate

Resurfacing instead of replacing existing surfaces will save money and become a cost effective solution for Homeowners, General Contractors, Architects, Designers, Landlords, Property Managers & Property Investors! Affordability is achieved as you will benefit from our product lines which are designed to resurface rather than replace. Granicrete and Elite Crete materials are designed for elegance durability, long-term enjoyment, better market appeal and appreciable value to your property. Affordability, elegance, superior performance are benefits in using these systems in your home or business. Return on Investment (ROI): According to HGTV the top 15 home updates with average return on resale include:

  • #1-Minor bathroom remodel : 102%
  • #2-Landscaping: 100%
  • #3-Minor kitchen remodel : 98.5%
  • #4-Exterior Improvements: 95.5%
  • #9-Basement Remodel: 90.1%
  • #15-Living Room Updates–Walls and Floors:40%

Now I realize that there is a lot more that goes into the above renovations then countertops and floors but elegant countertops and flooring (interior & exterior) not only beautifies these areas but targets the areas in your home or business that you have a high return on resale. Benefits to the Property Investor An investor’s challenges often come from having to oversee several contractors when renovating. Each contractor has their specific niche of service. Independent TC Surface Designs, as Certified Installers can accomplish single sourcing of countertops and flooring helping the renovation process that much more convenient and adding curb appeal. It is a proven fact that single sourcing not only makes your project easy to manage, but the other key benefit is that it can significantly reduce your overall investment costs. This means a higher return on investment from the onset. Benefits for the Property Manager Property management is a true challenge with your always being driven to give the best return on expense and investment to your owners. TC Surface Designs can be of great assistance as not only can you provide your customers with a lower cost alternative in renovation, but do so while taking their properties to a whole new level of elegance and luxury. By your providing such value to your customers you will gain their loyalty and appreciation. Such is critical as you grow your business. Commercial properties gain tremendously with our products because of the benefits of durability, ease of maintenance, flexibility with design, eco-friendly and smart cost competitiveness. Whether you are managing apartments, condos, hotels, or resorts TC Surface Designs can help!