Surface Comparisons

Here are just a few reasons why people are choosing GRANICRETE for their countertops

Formica-Synthetics Solid Surfaces   Granite, Stone, Concrete
Authentic Look  Yes  No  Somewhat  Yes
Customized Coloring  Yes  No  No  No
Customized Texturing  Yes  No  No  No
High Back Splashes-an Affordable Option  Yes  No  Maybe  Maybe
High-end priced Edging without the High-end Up Charges  Yes  No  No  No
Seamless  Yes  No  No  No
Stain repellant  like Juice and Wine  Yes  Some  Some  Some
Resists Household Acids like Lemonade & Dressing  Yes  Some  Some  Some
Resists Scorching  Yes  No  No  No
Scratch Resistant  Yes  Some  Some  Some
Crack resistant  Yes  Some  Some  Some
Weeks Required Between Ordering and Installing  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Typical investment  Moderate  Least  Moderate  Expensive

 Here are just a few reasons why people are choosing Elite Crete for their flooring needs

  Elite Crete  Tile  Natural Stone
Larger Tile or Stone sizes at No Additional Charge Yes  No  No
Prevents salt, grease, oil or automotive fluids from penetrating into garage floors  Yes  Maybe  No
Repels Stains
Yes  Maybe  No
Easy to Clean and Maintain  Yes  Maybe  No
Customized texturing  Yes  No  No
Customized coloring  Yes  No  No
Easy to Repair and Color Match  Yes  No  No
Yields an Immediate Return on Investment  Yes  Maybe  Maybe
Affordably Create Custom and Authentic Looks  Yes  No  No



Recently, an associate went into a local store to see their most recent pricing for Granite. Outside the store was a slab of granite marked at $48.00 per square foot. Here is what was learned: (AND THIS IS SIMILAR TO WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY ARE LEARNING)

Their Granite Selection:

  • $48-$58 per square ft.
  • Edging $22-$60 per linear ft the Most expensive edge was double ogee.
  • Chisel edge is $45 per linear ft
  • Under-mount sink cut out is $250.00
  • Top mount sink cut out is $100
  • Core drill outs are $20.00 each (faucet and wall receptacles)
  • Normally one month to wait for installation
  • Removal of existing countertop normally included.
  • Wall repairs, touch up, and repaint at owner expense.

Here is what this comes out to…50 sq ft kitchen with 20 linear feet of edge

  • Counter $53x50 = $2,650
  • Edging $45x20 = $ 900 ($18.00 per sq ft)
  • Undermount Sink = $ 250 ($5.00 per sq ft)
  • Cores (2) = $ 40 ($.80 per sq ft)
  • A kitchen would be over $3,800 ($76.00 per sq. ft.) and would have
  • Fragile, hard to maintain, seams, stains, germs, etc
  • Same Granicrete Kitchen: If at $45 per square would be $2,250 (a 40% savings off the price of granite). No stains, seamless, no bacteria, easy to maintain, several times stronger than granite.

Elite Crete… the choice is obvious!