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 Surface Gel Tek, a supplier of ours, offers one product line we at TC Surface Designs would love to offer to our clients. Flattoos are vinyl adhesive templates or “precision graphic templates” where stunning results for logos, decorative borders and more can be delivered easily and safely.

Flattoos are one of many exciting choices in the decorative concrete industry. We were recently asked to explore a unique project idea by creating a star with the colors and design of cow hide.


The description of the steps is best articulated by Surface Gel Tek

“A Flattoo template would be created for the border of the star. Rather than a solid color being brushed or sprayed into the exposed areas of the template, color would have to emulate pieces of cow hide.  The uniqueness of the acid stains would be the best option for simulating organic pattern like a cow hide.  The uniqueness of acid stains being applied to concrete comes in its ability to be built up, layered, and marbled into interesting and often unexpected results.  The acid stains would need to be feathered at different degrees and allowed to pool and organically flow together.  Dyes and water based colorants would not have the same organic tones and do not create the same affects when applied to concrete. A standard brush or roller would create a look too uniform so the best way to apply the acid stain to the concrete would be by purposely creating uneven variations in the coverage.  The acid stain was thickened and starting with a lighter color and building the darker shades on top. Using a chip brush, we instructed the Dorows to cut the bristles at various levels to create a fan brush of sorts.  Using the now jagged chip brush and gelled acid, the acid stain was etched off in degrees, making some areas look like cow hide and other areas look like cow hair”.

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A big THANK YOU to Tim and Carol on a fantastic job on my bathroom counter top.

The result is exactly what I had envisioned and really fits the decor of our log cabin.

I really appreciate that they allowed me to be involved in every step of the process.

I would highly recommend Tim and Carol and the product is amazing as well!


We wanted a unique and original floor design with a “wow” factor and TC Surface Designs did not disappoint!

We are so proud of our floor and can’t wait to show it off! Excellent job!

Thanks Carol and Tim!

Lisa Wiles-Rupp

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