Granicrete Advantges

Alternative Flooring Systems by Granicrete International is the premier decorative concrete overlay product line available. The concrete overlay is a 1/16” to 1/8” layer of an acrylic polymer-modified grout mix that is applied to existing concrete and most other surfaces.  The system allows for a virtually limitless array of stone textures, colors, and patterns.

Advantages to the
Countertop Surfacing System by Granicrete

Achieving the high-end look without the high-end price makes perfect sense to the sensible consumer. Granicrete presents significant value allowing the consumer to stretch their home improvement dollar even further.
Another key benefit of our product is the ease of cleaning and maintaining. Being non-porous, our system cleans easily and periodic polishing of the surface will bring years of enjoyment. 
The epoxy coating used has both scratch and heat resistance, but they are not scratch and heat proof. Direct heat should always be avoided and cutting on countertops is not recommended by most reputable manufacturers.

Advantages for the consumer …alternative flooring systems

Decorative concrete is the fastest growing market in the concrete industry today.Achieving the high-end look without the high-end price makes perfect sense to the sensible consumer.  Granicrete presents significant value allowing consumers to stretch their home improvement dollars even further.


You can do far more with Alternative Flooring Systems than you can with stamps or other overlay systems. The qualities of these cementious products allow for more textures and patterns. The coloring possibilities are unmatched.  Each customer will have his or her own unique look.


Granicrete’s Alternative Flooring System has been on the market for 13+ years and have proven their durability from Canada to Arizona as well as other parts of the world.  The concrete overlay bonds with the original concrete and cures at nearly 6,000psi to create a surface that will last in extreme weather and high-traffic areas.
  • Established company with a proven track record
  • Huge flexibility and selection of colors, patterns, textures
  • Personally customizable to create or maintain individual style with no stamping or pattern repetition
  • Home beautification – Curb appeal
  • Low Cost that magnifies appraisal values
  • Fast installation – Low disruption
  • Very low maintenance and virtually 100% repairable
  • Less material and less build than most flooring (1/16 inch vs. 1/4 inch)

Advantages of Granicrete Countertops versus Marble and Granite

Here are some key advantages of  the Granicrete countertop system compared to marble or granite countertops:
  • An eco-friendly alternative to natural stone and a completely seamless system while granite always has seams.
  • A system that can be applied over existing substrates 
  • This system has almost limitless color possibilities, extremely colorfast with colorants that will not fade and  customized edges
  • This system is completely impervious to any moisture while granite is extremely porous and absorbs moisture and bacteria. The Granicrete system is USDA approved while granite is not!
  • Absolutely not going to accept a stain while Granite stains easily with fruit, peanut butter, olive oil, bacteria, etc.
  • With phenomenal tensile strength, Granicrete will expand and contract to its environment. Granite, on- the-other hand, has no flexibility and is considered a brittle substrate.
  • Completely food safe and Radon free while most granite has at least trace amounts of  radon
  • Our topcoat provides exceptional heat and scratch  resistance