Decorative Flooring System – Exterior Surfaces

Our customized outdoor resurfacing is a great overlay option for patios, porches, walkways, pool decks and steps. This is not prefabricated stamped concrete but rather it is hand troweled and covered for a beautiful customized look that no other concrete provides. It is a great solution to upgrade old concrete that will become stunning, functional and easy to clean. Since the entire surface is sealed, including the grout lines, it repeals stains, chemicals and the look of dirty grout lines. For garage floors, the sealed concrete keeps salt, grease, oil or automotive fluids from penetrating into the surface.


Suggested Applications

  • New construction
  • Garage Floors
  • Stoops
  • Driveways
  • Porches
  • Pool Decks
  • Hot Tub Surrounds
  • Up to 40 degrees F cooler then concrete
  • Tile sizes from 16” to 48” at no extra charge

Granicrete is Time Tested

Alternative Floor System has been time tested for over 13 years in the harshest of conditions including freeze-thaw, high salt, high humidity, and arid conditions. The proprietary formulas used for our modified synthetic concrete overlay system were acquired by Granicrete in 2006. Impressed by the durability of that system and the highly authentic stone finishes it had always achieved, Granicrete found the Alternative Flooring System to perfectly compliment the Countertop system.


Granicrete Decorative Concrete Flooring Video


Granicrete Decorative Flooring Exterior Surface Examples

Granicrete Porch and Stoop

Granicrete Sidewalk

Granicrete Driveway

Granicrete Sidewalk

Granicrete Driveway

Granicrete Patio

All systems are available for residential and commercial purposes!