What Is Granicrete?

Affordably Elegant Surfaces

Granicrete Kitchen Countertop Systems Offered by TC Surface Designs in Wooster OH“Affordably Elegant Surfaces!” says it all according to Granicrete International’s Chief Operating Officer, Marc Winkelman. Our Alternative Flooring, Building, and award winning Countertop Resurfacing Systems yield the most authentic look for granite, marble, and other high-end stonework.

“Our product sells itself. Once the consumer sees

 it, they can’t believe what they are seeing. We knew this from the moment Granicrete was launched. When the consumer asked us what the price of our granite countertops were, we knew we nailed it,” says Winkelman.

With Granicrete’s Countertop Resurfacing system, any look for granite, marble, or custom concrete can be easily achieved. Instead of replacing the counter top, with Granicrete you simply resurface it! Granicrete has excellent adhesion to laminate, Formica®, tile, and wood countertops. It can quickly replicate the highest-end look in granite including chiseled edges and without leaving any seams that would otherwise be required by granite countertops. Moreover, with the increasing concerns of radon and radiation being emitted from granite, Granicrete is not only a wise choice, but also a safe choice. For the complete installed cost, Granicrete is often a third to half the cost of granite.

Granicrete also emphasizes “Authentic” in their modified floor overlayment systems. From the flooring side, the engineering and formulation for these particular products have also stood the test of time delivering stunning looks to customers around the world for over a decade. The versatility of our flooring system for indoor and outdoor use is amazing. For customers who like the look of large tile but can’t afford it, Winkelman says, 

“Our flooring system is lightweight and versatile. You want the look of large tile outdoor or indoor… we can do it and for no additional cost!”

Granicrete’s Building System utilizes our proprietary lightweight concrete system to produce unbelievable results for custom BBQ islands and wet bars. 


Granicrete Affordably Elegant Surfaces

If you have not already heard about Granicrete International, you probably have seen them on your favorite home improvement show. This young company opened its doors in April of 2006 after conducting a lengthy period of product and consumer testing has already been on most of those popular television shows:

  • ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
  • TLC’s Flip That House
  • NBC’s Welcome Home Show
  • HGTV’s Designed to Sell
  • A&E’s Flip This House